About Support For America

Support For America specializes in helping individuals reach financial freedom from personal debt, student loans, and medical bills. We realize that everyone’s financial journey is unique and our approach will help you simplify the burden that stands between you and a debt free-life. Since our launch, we have helped thousands of Americans manage their debt. Through our established partnerships with financial intuitions and our experienced team of counselors we are able to provide the best economic outcome for each of our individual clients. We are committed to finding a win-win outcome for individuals who are in debt and the organizations pursuing payments.


How It Works

Support For America delivers a customer-centric experience to consumers whose needs are not being met by the major banks today. Our process provides our clients with the education and financial awareness that they need to effectively take control of their debt.

  • We help to restructure debt into manageable payments that our clients can afford.
  • Our debt counselors work with each client to set-up a personalized budget that ensures all essential living expenses are covered before any debt payments are made.
  • We are fair and reasonable to our client’s creditors.
  • We work with creditors to negotiate reduced interest rates and stop late and over the limit fees.
  • We are in contact with each of the major credit reporting agencies to report your debt cleared or settled.

Support For America helps our clients improve their money management skills, modify their financial behavior for the better, and avoid debt recovery judgments before it is too late. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are available when you need us.

Our Key Strengths

Technology planning is our forte and we assist new and existing businesses with effective debt collection programs. We are licensed nationwide and have invested our returns into IT and best collection practices. All of our experienced debt counselors are trained to understand the customers personal needs while offering the best possible payment program and settlement options.

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