Medical Billing

We understand that medical debt can be more emotionally stressful than any other type of debt. It can add up quickly and unexpectedly from an unforeseen illness or accident while amplifying the health problems that caused it. Support For America is here to help you understand your medical expenses, manage your medical debt, and negotiate on your behalf with doctors, medical collectors, and hospital billing departments. One of our certified professionals who is trained on the actual costs of specific health care expenses will review your medical bills and insurance coverage. Through the use of our technology, industry know-how, and knowledge generated from other consumers like you, we are able to uncover errors that often happen in medical billing.

How We Can Help:

  • Review your bills and insurance coverage.
  • Consolidated all of your medical bills.
  • Negotiate favorable credit terms on your behalf.
  • Lower your monthly medical payments and interest rates.

As health care costs continuing to increase, millions of Americans are struggling to pay their medical bills. Consolidating medical debt is becoming a common option to help individuals stay afloat and get back on track with their finances after a medical emergency.

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