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By Social, 18th, February 2016

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Pay Off Your Debts Fast

If you are ready to make the move towards paying off your debt, Support For America’s debt management plan may be the perfect solution for you. Our mission is to help individuals just like you get out of debt for good. Our certified credit counselors provide money management tips and financial resources that can help you get in control of your finances.  Depending on your situation, a financial management plan may be the best option to manage your budgets, help you get out of debt more quickly.

How It Works

Support For America’s debt management plan can help you pay off your debt.  A certified debt counselor will evaluate your financial picture and put together a personalized budget that ensures all essential living expenses are covered before any debt payments are made.  Instead of making multiple monthly payments to various creditors each month, we will consolidate your loans into one easy payment.  This will simplify the management of your finances, help to reduce your stress, and make it easier to stay current with payments.

We will contact with your creditors and seek reductions in interest rates, finance charges, late fees, and over-limit fees.  Support For America’s consolidation plan can actually reduce the amount of money you owe and shorten the time takes to pay it off your debt.

Our goal is to help you improve your money management skills, increase your financial awareness, and modify your financial behavior for the better.

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