Technology Planning

When your business gets hit by bad debt you need a fast and effective collections solution to restore your cash flow and profitability. With more than 20 years of technology experience we are intelligently working on your accounts for maximum recovery. Support For America allows you to focus on your business while we provide you with a simple, convenient, service-oriented debt collection solution. Our debt recovery strategy uses innovative technology that applies advanced analytics to manage data and assist companies with successful debt collection while building and retaining a positive relationship with your consumers.

How We Can Help

  • Solutions for accounts at various stages of delinquency
  • Ensuring funds are being recovered satisfactorily
  • Safely expanding sales to new and existing customers
  • Making better-informed credit decisions
  • Avoiding catastrophic bad debt losses
  • Reducing bad debt reserves
  • Collect your current bad debt faster
  • Consumer and enterprise tech support
  • Secure e-commerce payment gateways
  • Custom software tools and mobile apps
  • Cloud hosted or in-premise systems

Support For America can provide your company with the tools and resources to make the debt collection process easier and more convenient. Don’t let your customers face judgment orders, we can recover and collect your debt with minimum cost and litigation.

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